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Robotic lawnmowers have been on the market for over 20 years but its only in recent years that they have become efficient and competitively priced. They are
self charged battery operated and cut the grass in a defined area using laid cables. You will need an outdoor electrical power source. A charging station is located on the lawn to allow the robotic lawnmower to automatically return to its base to recharge when needed. Some robotic lawmmowers are managed using an app on your smart phone, others are programmed with all the information required

Now, the sooner the better! The lawn will look freshly cut all week and you won’t have had to lift a finger (well maybe one on the smartphone controlling the app!) When using a robotic lawnmower the season is extended it generally starts a few weeks earlier and ends a few weeks later depending on weather. It’s a tidier lawn for longer.

The size of the lawn area and the terrain dictates which robotic lawnmower to choose. In very general terms, most Irish gardens will fit into the 400 – 5000 square meters categories and prices range from €1000 to €4000 plus vat. (5000 square meters is approx. 1.2 acres). Some gardens may suit 2 smaller robots. The specifics can be explained during a site visit.

We would generally say when its frost season bring in your robotic lawmower because the frost can affect the lithium battery and reduce its life expectancy.
When its frosty grass doesn’t grow so its ok to bring it into your garage then.

Absolutely and we will even supply you with cable and pegs that you can put in manually yourself. We tend to use our cable laying machine because it is faster and a lot less labour intensive and it gets the job done

No problem, when installing the cables simply go around each obstacle, the sensors on the robotic lawnmower will

These are designed with safety in mind, and the blades will automatically stop rotating if the mower is lifted

Absolutely, generally a dog gets used to the sound and movement of the robotic lawnmower very quickly and learn to ignore it. The design ensures they cannot access the rotating blade.

These are designed to be outdoors but generally once a year the blades are replaced to ensure a good quality cut on the lawn, this will be undertaken during the annual service as recommended by the manufacturers

A robotic lawnmower is only of use to the owner. Different models have different anti-theft options such as when it is lifted off the ground it emits a large alarm siren. It cannot be re-used in a different location as it cannot be re-programmed without the passwords.

We call to your home and assess your garden’s suitability for a robotic lawnmower