Ace Robotic Lawncare

Landscaping Design

We undertake a number of landscaping projects each year. Working with clients and or landscape architects depending on the project. We can construct walls, patios, paths, raised beds, pergolas using a variety of materials. We plan a plant design that will fit the spaces and enhance what is already in the garden or develop new spaces.

Here are three projects we have completed to showcase some of the work we can do. We also have more images on our facebook and instagram pages. If you have a garden project that you would like to undertake, we would be happy to do a site visit and discuss your options and give you a quotation for the work. Please ring Ken directly on 086 834 4332.

In the midst of the Covid19 restrictions we had a request from one of our customers to improve their garden to create a special space for their daughter to have a marquis wedding. We had a 6 week time schedule to create a garden to remember. We removed trees to the rear of the site and planted hedging. We worked with the wedding planners to compliment the overall wedding plan. By using a planting scheme that was at its best for the day but also to give a continuous all year round colour. We also set up an irrigation system to keep the garden watered. It was a great success and the bride and groom were delighted with the compliments they received on the day about their garden.

This client requested a sheltered seating area in the centre of their garden which wasn’t to be overlooked by the house. She chose to use sleepers to create a curved feature capped by a natural slate. This project also included pathways of Ballylusk 14mm chipping edged by a metal strip for a clean line on the grass edge and a pergola leading onto a woodland walkway.

This is a recent photo of a patio we constructed 10 years ago using Travertine multi size paving slabs. It was designed to capture the sun during the day and the planting has matured around the patio area  to give a sheltered canopy.


We call to your home and assess your garden’s suitability for a robotic lawnmower