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Wiper Yard 101 S


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Wiper Yard is designed for all those people who needs to manage great surfaces such as parks, golf courses or football fields, reducing the grass maintenance costs.


Wiper  Yard is one of the most reliable robots on the market able to manage big surfaces up to 30000m². Yard robots are equipped with Can Bus technology which allows the machine to make an auto-check grouping together all data and encoding them in CAN (Controller Area Network) language. The data are then sent to the electronic control unit by a BUS communication channel. One of the advantages of the CAN BUS is sending information to the control unit from all robot electronic devices using just one cable and in real time. Furthermore the control unit manages the energy supply from the battery to the single devices and cutting unit allowing an efficient power needs control. This is a qualified system already tested and used in the automotive industry and it contributes to make Yard one of the most reliable and technological robot in the lawn mowers market.

Technical specifications
Maximum cutting area [m2] – 10.000 m2
Managed areas (including the main area) – 8
Maximum slope [%] – 45%
Maximum slope close to the perimeter wire (%) – 20%
Average working time +/- 20% (hours) – 06:00
Charging time (hours) – 05:00
Motor type – Brushless
Wheel’s profile – Classic
Max speed mt/min (default) – 40
Total weight in Kg (batteries included) – 45Kg

Control through “My Robot Wiper” App


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