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Wiper C8


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The C series models are the “babies” of the Wiper Premium family, but with all of the technology of the range, they boast impressive performance. The Wiper Premium C Series line was designed and built for small and medium-sized gardens.


·Transmitter built into the recharging base
· Front recharging
· Rear zip opening with locking clip
· Dual front coil
· Motherboard with gyroscope and display in the top of the body
· Return to base at cable and V-meter system (C6 only)
· Easy installation
· Safety lifting sensor
· 3 wheels (2 driven)
· Emergency stop button in accordance with the 2006/42/EC Directive
· Lifting safety in accordance with 60335-2-107
· Finger test in accordance with 60335-2-107
· Foot, Hand, Child’s arm testing in accordance with 60335-2-107
· IEC 60730-1 safety software in accordance with 60335-2-107
· Instructions updated in accordance with 60335-2-107
· Robot lawnmower EN 60335-2-207
· EN 61508-3:2010
· Patented anti-cut blade


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