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Wiper F28


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The F series is the top robot. It is innovative because of its solid and reliable build concept. It operates with high efficiency on any kind of surface, handling cutting areas of up to 5000m². It is equipped with high-performance batteries, allowing it to work for up to 7 consecutive hours, without the need to stop and recharge. It has a large touch screen control panel, which is easy to understand and allows each parameter to be programmed to adapt the robot to the various working conditions.
GPS mowing management ensures that the lawn is cut efficiently and effectively. The robot can map the area in which it is working, and the GPS system allows it to optimise the time by avoiding areas that have already been mowed. The “S” models are also equipped with the “Connect” system, which allows you to interact fully with your robot via the Wiper App (free). Thanks to the App, you can also monitor the movements of your robot and geolocate it, if necessary.

Technical specifications

Maximum lawn area 2,600 m²
Maximum number of zones: 8
Cutting height 25 – 70 mm
Cutting width 29 cm
Lithium-ion battery 1 x 7.5 Ah
Average working time (± 20%) 03h30
Maximum slope 45%
Recommended maximum slope 35%
Rain sensor available
Connect module (GPS – GSM) optional
App control via Bluetooth
Security via pin code
Covering charging station optional
Protection level IP 44


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