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Wiper P70 S


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The zucchetti wiper p70 s robotic lawnmower covers up to 7000m² and is both attractive design and full of advanced technology. The new p70 scan manage lawns up to 7000m² and work for seven consecutive hours, while maintaining high mowing performance. The touchscreen display makes programming simple and intuitive. The standard zcs connect module ensures safety and ease of use.


Since it was released, the P ( Wiper P70 S ) series has dominated the world of robots due to its high coverage capacity and handling of large areas. It features reliable mechanics, ability to adapt to any surface and a run time that is unique on the market.
The new P has now been reviewed and updated. It has new electronics, mechanics that are even more reliable and quieter, latest generation navigation systems and a touch screen display for easy and intuitive interaction. Remote App for full robot management. Optimisation of the batteries provided, which together with the GPS navigation system, offer even higher coverage, but in less time. All of this makes it unique in a market where only a few dare to enter.

Technical specifications

Maximum cutting area: 7,000
Motor type: BL/BL
Battery Type: 1 x 15 Ah
Maximum slope handled %: 45%
Slope near outside edges or a perimiter %: 20%
Average work time +/-25% (h): 07:00
Recharging time: 03:00Blade type: 4 knives
Cutting width (cm): 36
Cutting height (min-max)(mm): 24-64
Smart spiral: Yes
Smart allocation: Yes
Eco mode: Yes
Rain sensors: Yes
Areas handled including main: 8Compass: Yes
Connect module (GPS-GSM): Yes
User interface: Touchscreen
Control via App: Bluetooth – GSM
Bluetooth receiver: Yes
Emergency Button: Yes
PIN Code: Yes


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