Ace Robotic Lawncare

Robotic Lawnmowers

Each garden has its own issues – gradients, obstacles, design. Most of which can still successfully use a robotic lawnmower. Site visits allows us to evaluate the garden and make product and model recommendations.

Our Customers can then choose from the following options:

  1. Purchase the robotic lawnmower recommended by Ace Robotic Lawncare.
  2. Get Ace Robotic Lawncare to install the cables or purchase a self-installation pack where we will supply cables and pegs and the customer can install the robotic lawnmower
  3. Customers can sign up to our after sales service contract where Ace Robotic Lawncare covers call out charges, lawn management – fertilising and weeding it, and the annual maintenance.

What our customers consider when purchasing a robotic lawnmower

Size and layout of lawn area


Brand and warranty

Aftercare service option

Installation option

Controlled using an App on your smart phone/Pre programmed option

We call to your home and assess your garden’s suitability for a robotic lawnmower